2017-11-08 New Miniature ICP® Shock Accelerometers
PCB Piezotronics, 3425 Walden Ave, Depew, NY 14043

New Miniature ICP® Shock Accelerometers


These miniature (0.17 gm) shock accelerometers provide high measurement range (5k g or 20k g) in a durable package with overload shock limits up to 30k g peak. Precisely measure shock
on electronic components with minimal mass loading, over a wide frequency range
of 1.2 to 10,000 Hz, in temperatures up
to 325°F (163°C).



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Introducing new 6-channel
and 12-channel switch boxes,
641C4X Series, from IMI Sensors.


  • Accommodation of dual signal on every channel
  • Collect vibration and temperature data via BNC jack
  • Independent, 4-terminal block for each channel


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2-in1  Phantom Powered Preamplifier

Make quality audio measurements with PCB's 48V
microphone system. Model 426A14, preamplifier
has a versatile, patent pendingmodular design
and mates with any IEC 61094-4 compliant  
microphone cartridge.



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Use our 24/7 application engineering
assistanceto simplify your rail applications:

  • Safety Monitoring
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Braking Systems
  • Monitoring Ride Quality and Passenger Comfort


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 New Case Isolated Triaxial ICP® Accelerometers - Model 354A04 and 354A05

These accelerometers help ensure low noise
vibration measurements on structures that
have poor electrical grounding. 
These models feature:

  • Case isolated to ensure accurate measurements
    on structures with poor grounding
  • TEDS IEEE 1451.4 enabled
  • Rugged, hermetic construction and titanium housing
  • Frequency range 0.4 to 5,000 Hz
  • 10 mV/g (354A04) and 100 mV/g (354A05) sensitivity
  • Easy installation with ring style mounting configuration


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New Ground-Isolated High Temperature Mini Triaxial ICP® Accelerometer

Product highlights:

  • Permanently ground isolated to help reduce electrical noise and ground loops on your test article
  • High temperature vibration measurements
    (temperature range -65 to 356 °F, -54 to 180 °C)
  • Fits in tight test environments - small size 0.28 in.
    (7 mm) and a lightweight 1 gram mass
  • Housings won't scratch like aluminum anodized types - rugged, hermetic construction and titanium housing
  • Ideal for environmental stress screening and NVH testing in high temperature environments


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  • Brakenoise testing / Testy hałasu hamulców
  • Tire noise analysis / Analiza hałasu opon
  • Acoustic holography / Holografia akustyczna
  • Beamforming
  • Noise source identification / Identyfikacja źródeł dźwięku
  • Non-contact defect detection / Bezkontaktowa detekcja defektów
  • Testy akustyczne w trudnych warunkach pracy: wysokiej wilgotności, zapyleniu, zagrożeniu zachlapaniem olejem
  • Leak detection / Detekcja przecieków


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  • Sensitivity: (±10%) 100 mV/g (10.2 mV/(m/s²))

  • Measurement Range: ±50 g pk (±491 m/s² pk)
  • Broadband Resolution: .0003 g rms (.003 m/s² rms)
  • Frequency Range: (±5%) 8.0 to 5500 Hz
  • Electrical Connector: 4-Pin, M12


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ICP® Accelerometers with Flexible, Integral Cable

Models 352A71, 352A72, 352A73 and 352A74 are miniature teardrop ICP® accelerometers. The series features three different sensitivity options and a flexible twisted pair integral cable for easy routing. Flexible potting material adds strain relief where the cable exits the sensor. All the accelerometers are hermetically sealed in a titanium package. They can be powered by any ICP® signal conditioner or data acquisition system that includes 18 to 30 VDC and 2 to 20 mA of constant current.



  • Very small teardrop-shape

  • Flexible integral cable for easy routing in tight spaces

  • Hermetically sealed titanium housing

  • Three sensitivity options: 5 mV/g, 10 mV/g, 100 mV/g

  • Small Component Vibration Testing

  • Electronics and Circuit Board Qualification

  • Drop Testing and Package Testing

  • Short Term Underwater Testing

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PCB Piezotronics, Inc.
Czujniki do prac badawczo-rozwojowych
oraz oceny stanu maszyn i utrzymania ruchu

Nowości PCB Piezotronics Inc.®

Czujniki i oprzyrządowanie do mierzenia drgań, hałasu, ciśnienia, siły i naprężenia


PCB Piezotronics Inc.

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IMI Sensors: Iunstrmentation
for High Temperature Environments

IMI Sensors - A PCB Piezotronics Division


What's New From PCB®

  Accelerometers & Pressure Sensors

  • Operating Temperatures Up to 1200 °F (650 °C)
  • Featuring UHT-12™ Element Technology
  IMI Sensors

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IMI Sensors Launches Very High Temperature Charge Accelerometer with UHT-12™ Element

July 20, 2016 DEPEW, NY – IMI Sensors, manufacturer of industrial vibration
monitoring instrumentation, announced the release of Model 357A100, a very high
temperature differential charge accelerometer with a UHT-12™ sensing element.
IMI has developed the sensor to be used in the commissioning of nuclear power
plants, condition monitoring of power generation and aviation gas turbines and
machinery protection in very high temperature environments.
The new UHT-12™ crystal technology features:
· Absence of pyroelectric noise spikes up to 900 °F (482 °C).
· Sensitivity that remains more consistent over a wide temperature change.
· Shear mode crystals isolated from base strain & transverse measurement errors.
· No depletion of oxygen at high temperatures, thereby not requiring a vent or window in the housing.
IMI offers various differential charge amplifiers to support the launch of Model 357A100, including Models 421A3X, EX682A40 and 422M182. Additional information about IMI’s complete line of high temperature vibration sensors can
be found here.

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Understanding Acoustic System Noise Floor

Learn how to:

  • Determine the total noise floor of your measurement chain
  • Use the optimal signal to noise ratio to make accurate measurements 

Watch this acoustic measurement video by Dr. Andrew Barnard, Michigan Technological University. 

Visit the Acoustics Video Library for additional educational videos
and 'Tips from Techs' or 'Ask one of our Acoustic Experts'.
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Questions about force sensors?  Get Answers.

Do you have questions about making force measurements, selecting force sensors, sensor mounting, effect of discharge time constant, power requirements, and/or calibration?  PCB Piezotronics has the answers!

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Made Tough: Test Where Other Microphones Fail

PCB's new Model 130A24, ½" ICP® Water and Dust Resistant Prepolarized Array Microphone system can make measurements in harsh environments, prone to contaminants such as:

  • Rain

  • Dust

  • High humidity

  • Oil splash

With an IP-55 rating, this system is ideal for applications, such as tire well testing, brake noise testing, and noise source identification.

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603 Series Low Cost ICP® Accelerometers

IMI Sensors has developed the 603 Series, a line of ICP® accelerometers for industrial vibration monitoring applications. All of the sensors in the product line include a shear-mode ceramic element housed in a rugged hermetically-welded stainless steel enclosure. All models include case-isolated electronics to eliminate noise issues.

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ICP® Accelerometers for Route-Based Predictive Maintenance


Designed to optimize manpower utilized on walk-around monitoring routes.

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