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Every year at PCB we recognize the employees on their service anniversary milestones. In 2020 we have 96 employees that are receiving our “years of service” recognition ranging from 10 years all the way up to 40 years of service! Curious about the breakdown?

65 employees have been with PCB for 10 years
19 employees have been on our team for 20 years
9 employees have been on our team for 30 years
3 employees have been on our team for 40 years!

Thank you all for what you do day in and day out to take care of our valued customers.

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Did you know PCB offers more than just accelerometers?  We also have the cables, signal conditioners, modal hammers, patch panels, and other components needed to support your large channel tests. 


 Learn more about how we can help you every step of the measurement chain here.

TCS - PCBNewsletter 2020

Od ponad 50 lat nasz partner, firma PCB Piezotronics, INC. zapewnia produkty wysokiej jakości oraz realizuje program Total Customer Satisfaction (TMS). Dzięki zaangażowaniu w jakość i obsługę klienta, PCB pozostaje liderem w branży czujników piezoelektrycznych. Zobacz, jak szeroka gama możliwości i udogodnień wyróżnia nas na tle konkurencji.

Całkowite Zadowolenie Klienta (Total Customer Satisfaction – TCS).

PCB oferuje wstępnie spolaryzowany mikrofon 1/2 cala, zgodny z normą IEC 61094-4, którym możemy dokładnie testować do 25 kHz. Inżynierowie z działu badań i rozwoju uważają, iż podczas testowania produktów konsumenckich konieczne jest przetestowanie zakresu ludzkiego słuchu do 20 kHz. Inne mikrofony 1/2 cala dostępne na rynku mierzą tylko do 16 kHz lub mnie z tą samą tolerancją +/- 2 dB.


Dowiedz się więcej o tym wyjątkowym w branży mikrofonie z ulepszoną częstotliwością i zakresem dynamiki

PCB’s Force & Strain Fundamentals reference guide provides the technical basics of sensor construction, general physics, performance specifications, application / installation guidance, and a wealth of equations to support general testing needs. Our Force & Strain Fundamentals covers:
– ICP® & charge sensors
– Electronics for ICP® and charge force sensors
– Frequency response & range of ICP® & charge force sensors
– And more…


PCB has compiled their most common technical sensor information into four comprehensive quick reference guides. Each guide provides the technical basics of sensor construction, general physics, performance specifications, application / installation guidance, and a wealth of equations to support general testing needs. Our acoustics quick reference guide covers:

– Sound pressure level, sound intensity, & Sound power
– Acoustic properties & formulas
– Sound Perception & weighting filters
– And more…..

Whether you are new to acoustics or could use a refresher on the basics of sound, download our complete guide to acoustic fundamentals.

PCB’s new model 339B31 is a stud mounted, miniature, low thermal coefficient, high temperature ICP® triaxial accelerometer. This 0.40” titanium housed cube is hermetically sealed with a measurement range of ±500 g pk. The UHT-12™ sensing element and 180°C (356°F) max operating temperature makes the 339B31 ideal for powertrain NVH and climatic chamber testing applications.

#NewProductAlert PCB announces the launch of our new miniature, lightweight ICP® triaxial ceramic shear accelerometer with a connector, model 356A06!  This new robust sensor features a mini 8-36 4-pin connector on a 0.25” cube housing, making it our smallest ICP® triaxial accelerometer with a connector.  Click here to learn more or feel free to message us to be put in touch with an application engineer.

Click here to learn more or feel free to message us to be put in touch with an application engineer

#newproductannoucement PCB/IMI Sensors have launched Models 691C43, 691C44, 691C45, 691C46 and 691C40. They are the newest generation of the existing 691B4X switch box. Models 691C4X are revisions of the 691B4X switch box family with the addition of continuous output terminals and MIL connector.

Read the full #pressrelease here >>

With a frequency range of 25 kHz (+/- 2 dB), PCB®’s Model 378A21 is ideal for aircraft cabin noise testing. This is the only 1/2” random incidence condenser ICP® microphone that measures through and beyond the human hearing range. PCB® microphones have the lowest price, best customer satisfaction, and fast shipment.

Measuring free field blast? Our innovative pencil probe includes two sensing elements to capture time of arrival, shock speed, peak pressure, and total impulse; all in one package. The 2-in-1 sensor models 137B25 through 28 are available in ranges from 50 to 1000 PSI, reduces the need for multiple probes and increases measurement accuracy with its proven unique design.

Is your #hydroelectric power plant turbine protected? Interested in learning about how our #accelerometers and 4-20 mA transmitters can help you?

PCB and Endevco offer the industry’s most comprehensive line of sensors designed for high-g shock measurements.
Check out our latest brochure highlighting both PCB and Endevco product families to help you choose which sensor is best for your application

NO MATTER THE INDUSTRY, WE’RE THE SINGLE SOURCE FOR DYNAMIC MEASUREMENTS.  Take control of all your product testing needs with one website, one call, and one promise – Total Customer Satisfaction

Do you perform a variety of tests and want quick, consistent accelerometer installation/removal?   The 080A237 allows a test engineer to place 0.40” (10.2 mm) cubic triaxial accelerometer mounts in consistent alignment quickly so technicians can finalize the installation specific to each test.  Clip bases are slightly grooved for bonding using common adhesives with the ability to measure up to 2.5 kHz . The clips tabs snap over the sensor, holding it in place, but enable the user to release the grip on the sensor, for easy removal after testing.

Model 130A23 offers the performance you demand at a price point that is easily justified.  While most free-field array mics are limited to 135 dB or below, our 130A23 microphone offers the capability of accurately measuring up to 143 dB, bridging the gap between value-priced  array and higher cost condenser microphones. 

Protect your data quality from temperature extremes and thermal transients with PCB®’s single and triaxial accelerometers that feature UHT-12. What is UHT-12? 

REMINDER – Consider using our 4 socket, ¼-28 cable (010S10) when making high temperature measurements up to 356°F (180°C) with our 339 Series Triaxial ICP® Accelerometers with low thermal coefficient!

Is your #hydroelectric power plant turbine protected? Interested in learning about how our #accelerometers and 4-20 mA transmitters can help you? 

Did you know that the HT356A43 & HT356A44 are PCB’s smallest #hightemperature triaxial accelerometers with integral TEDS? Measuring at 0.40” (10.2mm), these small but mighty accelerometers are hermetically sealed with welded titanium housings, providing a rugged and durable package suitable for measurements up to 325°F (163°C).
Learn about the big capabilities in this small package

The SWIFT® Evo transducer design simply and inexpensively adapts to a wide variety of wheel rim and hub configurations while maintaining an overall mass comparable to the OEM wheel. With seven sizes available, you can employ the SWIFT Evo wheel force transducer on a wide range of vehicles, from motorcycles to large agricultural equipment. Rental options are available of the SWIFT® Evo systems through The Modal Shop for those short term rental needs or when rationalization for your application is required. http://ow.ly/FP6y50BBbEg

Picking up electrical noise? The 354A04 / 354A05 are case isolated to ensure accurate measurements on structures with poor electrical grounding. These accelerometers feature TEDS IEEE 1451.4 for easy tracking and record keeping, plus they are rugged and durable in a hermetically sealed titanium housing. Go ahead and put them to the test.

Go ahead and put them to the test

#MicrophoneMonday! Model EX378B02 is the only IEC61094-4 working class measurement microphone in the market that is hazardous area approved. This microphone does not produce sparks, making it ideal for measurements in flammable areas, leak detection, and mine safety.

Learn more

Does your testing require underwater vibration measurements? PCB’s IP68 rated 034Wxx or 078Wxx cables paired with a 4-pin hermetic accelerometer will ensure you’re collecting a quality measurement in a rugged environment.

Learn more

ONERA chose PCB® for their vibration testing. Beyond simple reliability, measuring range and accuracy, PCB® was selected based on their ability to deliver a product that met the environmental requirements in ONERA’s specifications.

Download the case study

#MicrophoneMonday! Model 377A12, 1/4″ Pressure Field Microphone is designed for extremely high amplitude measurements in small closed couplers, confined spaces or flush mounted applications. The microphone can measure to 182 dB and has a peak limit of 194 dB.

Learn more

Model 130A24 is a 1/2” prepolarized microphone and preamplifier system with a replaceable water and dust resistant cover. This acoustically transparent cover provides an unobtrusive alternative to windscreens and a more consistent response than rubber protective covers.

Learn more 

Even the most careful engineers have dropped microphones or knocked over stands. With PCB’s new rugged microphone kits, you can get everything you need to focus on obtaining quality measurements in one convenient package. This new rugged line extends the life of your microphone and can be purchased as a Free-field or Industry Exclusive Random Incidence kit or just the rugged grid cap as an accessory.

Learn more about our new rugged offerings and how the investment will minimize damage, repairs, and replacement costset us help you

What do you do for #calibration?

Whether you’re a calibration service provider or you commission your own in-house calibration capability, your calibration vendor’s reputation for knowledge, #reliability and education are key to your success. We have the equipment, expertise and the experience to help you gain the control and confidence needed for your #calibration capability.

Let us help you!

PCB’s sensors are used by some of the largest white goods manufacturers in the world including those who manufacture power hand tools, household appliances and heating / air conditioning units. Learn how we can help you identify unwanted noise and vibration sources during your product tests.

Learn more

We not only calibrates every new sensor before it leaves the building, but we also offer after-market recalibration services. Read this White Paper on the importance of #calibration for accurate measurements and the calibration process itself.

Learn more

PCB’s two part webex training “PCB Small Arms Ballistic Training in accordance with SAAMI ANSI Z299 Standards” starts tomorrow.

Don’t forget to register

#MicrophoneMonday! Model 377B26, Probe Microphone is designed to be used in extremely high temperatures environments up to 1472°F (800°C).It’s small diameter tips can be used for acoustic measurements in small, hard-to-reach places and where precise placement is required in near-field testing within confined areas.

Learn more

Are you interested in keeping your #windturbine operations at optimal performance by increasing #reliability and reducing downtime? PCB® has #sensors that measure vibration, strain, torque and noise in new and existing #windturbines, providing #measurements that are crucial to keep the operating health of your systems in tip-top shape.

Learn more

#MicrophoneMonday!The Surface Microphone model 130B40 is a cost effective option for measuring true surface pressure and noise. The surface microphone and pad design are optimized to reduce wind induced noise during testing. At 1/8″ (3mm) high, these microphones are well-suited for space confined noise measurements.

Learn more

#MicrophoneMonday! Test and measurement microphones utilize very delicate sensing elements, in order to have high sensitivity and low noise floor capability. Their thin diaphragms can be damaged easily if misused. Even the most careful engineers can experience accidents that may damage their microphones. PCB’s new 079A52 rugged grid cap is a cost effective solution that enhances the life of a microphone, with minimal impact to its accuracy.

Learn more


Announcing Model 630A91, a precision triaxial ICP® accelerometer with top exit M12 connector and locator pin. Model 630A91 is made to withstand the harshest environments with case-isolated housing of stainless steel and rugged four-pin M12 connector and allows you to save time and money by taking three simultaneous vibration measurements!

Learn more

#MicrophoneMonday! Model 130A24 is a cost effective IP55 rated 1/2” prepolarized microphone and preamplifier system. The replaceable acoustically transparent cover provides an unobtrusive alternative to windscreens and a more consistent response than rubber protective covers.

Learn more

With PCB® and Endevco are now one company, offering more ways to expand your testing arsenal.

Learn more

#didyouknow catastrophic failure of rotating equipment in water and #wastewater facilities can result in fines/penalties? Stay in compliance by instrumenting blowers/fans, motors and pumps with vibration #sensors so that developing faults can be detected early.

Learn more

#videoalert Need #vibration data from hazardous areas? We’ve got your entire plant covered with the widest variety of hazardous area approved #sensors. For monitoring your motors, compressors, pipeline and more!

Learn more

Ready to #learn something? PCB just announced our summer #webinar series featuring #experts like Dr. Pete Avitabile, Dr. Andrew Barnard, and Ken Watkins

Sign up today at pcb.com/training

Endevco’s new 6 degree of Freedom sensor features three analog output DC accelerometers and three angular rate sensors, which allows you to capture full motion data of moving objects. Learn more about the innovative Model 7360A.

Learn more


Słyszałeś o UHT-12™ ale nie wiesz, co to właściwie oznacza? Obejrzyj, aby dowiedzieć się więcej o naszej technologii, która zmniejsza skutki zmienności temperatury.

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#oilandgas engineers are you interested in #sensors for motioning your #gaswells , #oilwells and #pipelines? We have the #sensors & #approvals you need. Ensure the #reliability of your plant with CSA, ATEX, and IECEx approved #sensors.

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Świętowanie #EarthDay2020. Czy wiesz, że społeczne zdystansowanie sprawia, że ziemia wibruje mniej? Korzystając z globalnej bezczynności, naukowcy wykorzystują #seismic #sensors do dokładniejszych pomiarów. Mniej hałasu > mniej wydarzeń > dokładniejsze dane.

Jakie są twoje #PCBsensors pomiary dzisiaj?

Interested in ICP® Accelerometers for #pump #conditionmonitoring? IMI Sensors offers 15kHz frequency response for effective monitoring of high frequency faults.

Learn more 

Worried about your protecting your microphones? PCB’s rugged gridcap will help prolong the life of your 1/2″ diameter high sensitivity microphone.

Learn more 

From NVH to Powertrain Development, PCB has microphones for every step of the automotive industry. Check out our prezi to see all the acoustic products PCB has for your automotive applications.

Learn more 

“Is the triboelectric effect causing problems in your cables? Do you even know what the triboelectric effect is? Download tech note 34 to learn the “Cause of and Solution for Cable Generated Noise in Accelerometer Signals”.

Learn more  

Did you know PCB always strives to improve on its’ product offering? PCB recently launched an update to our MEMS product line. The 3711F, 3713F, and 3741F sensor families have been launched and are now available to support your testing needs!

Learn more

New to Endevco and don’t know where to start? No worries. Message us some of your requirements or check out our “Steps to selecting the right accelerometer” article for a guide on finding the optimum accelerometer for your application.

Learn more  

#NewProductAlert One of our most popular triax is now available for high temperature ranges! The HT356A43/44 is PCB’s smallest triaxial ICP® accelerometers with TEDS that is suitable up to 325 ◦F (163 ◦C).

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Nowy model 4418 firmy Endevco to przenośny, jednokanałowy, mostkowy kondycjoner sygnału.
Odpowiedni do stosowania z czujnikami piezorezystancyjnymi o zmiennej pojemności i prędkości kątowej. Jednostka zapewnia źródło wzbudzenia przetwornika, filtrowanie oraz wzmocnienie sygnału (x1, x10, x100).


What do you do for calibration? Our CAL+ service is an ideal way to make sure your meters are prepped and ready for your next test! #MetersAndMics #CalibrationIsCaring #LDCALplus #TimeToCalibrate

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Noise monitoring measurements in your future? Use our products for something that’s not on the list?
Drop us a note!
#NoiseMonitoringSolutions #NoiseMonitoring #SoundSolutions?

Learn more

Using a Larson Davis Sound Level Meter, Human Vibration Meter, or Noise Dosimeter? Did you know
that the LD G4 Utility can help you connect, control, download, and view data across multiple devices?

Learn more

#Newproductalert! I[Nowoczesny system do wykrywania uszkodzeń łożysk]
Uszkodzenia łożysk mogą być wykrywane na wczesnym etapie! System PLC, DCS lub SCADA ostrzega
o usterce i zapobiega powstaniu awarii..

Learn more

#Newproductalert! PCB launched the TLD339A37, the newest member of the 339 series family.
This new high temperature TEDS ICP triax has a sensitivity of 100 mV/g, complementing other
models that have sensitivities of 10 mV/g and 50 mV/g.

Learn more

Model 35C is an ultra-miniature, adhesive mounted triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer with integral electronics. Its tiny size, 0.235 inch cube, and light weight, 0.76 grams (sensor only), make it ideal for measuring vibration on very small objects.

Learn more

Spartan is making dosimetry measurements easier than ever! You can control your measurements and set up tests directly from our Atlas app…
#ThisIsSpartan #NoiseDosimetry #Dosimeter #DosimetryOnTheGo

Learn more

Czy wiesz, że możesz wypożyczyć akcelerometr USB? Niezależnie od tego, czy wykonujesz testy krótkoterminowe, czy chcesz go wypróbować przed zakupem, skorzystaj z możliwości wypożyczenia!
#akcelerometr #czujnikdrgan #akcelerometrusb #plugandplay #wypozyczenie


Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! Here’s to being as LOUD as we can to cheer on our favorite team! Learn how some stadiums are using Sound Meters to pump up the crowd!
#SuperBowlSunday #Football #StadiumNoiseMonitoring #LetsGetLoud

Learn more

By combining Endevco’s world class innovation with PCB’s world class Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) we provide products and service that are unmatched in the sensor market.

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The EX356A73 is a triaxial charge-mode #accelerometer with intrinsic safety certification that can operate in very high temperatures (900 °F / 482 °C) in #gasturbine research and development applications. The #sensor features UHT-12™ technology has a sensitivity that remains more consistent over a wide temperature change.


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How does your chosen sensor mounting technique effect high frequency response? Watch and learn more!

#SensorMounting #CalibrationIsCaring
#ProperMountingMatters #ModalUniversity


When’s the last time you calibrated your audiometer? AudCal can help!

#CalibrationIsCaring #AudCal

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